Apply for Data Access

Using the Data Portal, any bona fide researcher can apply to access data from multiple DPAU Contributing Research Studies (CRS) – in a single application. Submit your online application now and subject to approval, gain access to your chosen data within 90 days.

To help with your planning before you start your application, you can download a copy of the form in a Word document format by clicking here . You can save and edit the document offline until you are ready to fill the data application form below.

You can read more about our processes and policies regarding the data using the downloads menu to the right.

Main Applicant Details

* indicates a required field

Co-Applicant Details

This section is for declaring Co-Applicants on your project. It is completely optional to declare any Co-Applicants. However, please make sure you answer all fields if you requested and started on a Co-Applicant form.

  • To add a Co-Applicant, click the "Add Co-Applicant" button at the bottom of this section to request a form where you can provide the Co-Applicant details. You can repeat as often as necessary.
  • To remove a Co-Applicant, click the "Remove Co-Applicant" button at the bottom of the form you want to remove.

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Project Details

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Data Requested

This section is for selecting the datasets you need for your project. It is required to have at least one dataset.

  • To request a dataset from another Wave or another CRS, click the "Add Dataset" button at the bottom of the section where it will add a new dataset form for you.
  • To remove a dataset, click the "Remove Dataset" button at the bottom of the form you want to remove. You cannot remove the first mandatory dataset form.

Collaboration request from CRS and/or consortia members cannot be declined without a good reason. If your project is seeking to access data from consortia members, the application may be shared with all consortia members for collaborative purposes.

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Select the Contributing Research Study and Wave above so we can display the available Categories.

Scientific Context

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Technical Specifications

The DPAU Analysis Environment offers various capabilities and functions to enable researchers to complete data analysis within a secure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

In order to ensure users’ requirements, and any bespoke arrangements can be accommodated, we ask that applicants outline the specification of the Analysis Environment necessary for their project at the application stage. Further information can be found here.

On receipt of your application, if any upscaled or bespoke requirements are selected, a member of the DPAU team will contact you to discuss implementation and any potential costs.

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Other Information

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By ticking the checkbox, you are confirming that you have read, understand, and accept the DPAU Monash SeRP End User Terms