Dementias Platform Australia Data Portal

The Dementias Platform Australia (DPAU) Data Portal will bring together records of over 150,000 people in 44 international population studies in a free-to-access resource.

Researchers can identify which Contributing Research Studies (CRS) are relevant to their interests, apply for access to data, and then analyse it in a secure, remote environment.


Search the CRS Directory to get more detailed information on the study that interests you and compare the CRS side-by-side. In-depth details about the study can be read in its dedicated study page.

Use the CRS Matrix to quickly identify the studies which collect the data that you need through its Data Categories section.


Apply for access to data from different CRS in a single application.

Receive a response to your data application in a target of 28 days and access data online in a target of 90 days if your application is approved.


Work with CRS data in the secure DPAU Analysis Environment - accessible anywhere with an internet connection.

Process and analyse large datasets on DPAU servers at no cost to you or your institution.

DPAU analysis

Providing secure access to DPAU CRS data

The DPAU Data Portal aims to support cognitive research by enabling secure data access from our Contributing Research Studies (CRS).

  • Explore CRS and the available study data.
  • Apply for data access tailored to your project needs.
  • Conduct data analysis and collaborate with project colleagues online.
  • Provides the technical requirements for your specific research with a variety of desktop specifications.

Access to the data is provided through a secure analysis environment if your application is approved. A full suite of analytical software, pre-installed and on-demand, will be made available for you.